Enabling Institutional DeFi.

Notebook seamlessly integrates your compliance requirements into DeFi protocols.

A one stop solution for institutional DeFi

Notebook has built permissioned versions of Aave and Uniswap allowing institutions to trade, borrow and lend on DeFi. We can also help build custom pools for institutions to put Real-World Assets on-chain by handling your DeFi and compliance infrastructure.

Minimize User Friction

Notebook's compliance infrastructure is integrated at a smart contract level enabling instant credential verification and an easy user experience.

Strong Privacy Guarantees

Notebook uses zero-knowledge proofs to keep your trading logs private and ensure that no user's personal information is exposed on-chain.

About Us.

Notebook Labs is founded by a group of Stanford computer scientists and mathematicians.

We recently raised a $3.3M seed round led by Bain Capital Crypto.

Some of Our Supporters