Bringing together privacy and KYC on Web3.

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Zero-Knowledge Cryptography for anonymous KYC and
soul-bound credentials.

Principles of Notebook

We believe that the future of trust is blockchain. Notebook helps you secure your identity and your data, so you can authenticate yourself in a trustless world.


Notebook leverages fragmented identity and Zero-Knowledge Proofs to keep users anonymous

A Notebook is stored on-chain in a smart contract, meaning no individual or corporation owns your identity or data but you.


A Notebook is the best way to store summary statistics, such as metrics for credit score and bad-actor behavior.

Storing such metrics makes for a more fair world, where people are held accountable for all their actions and believe in the greater good.


The PII data required when a user onboards prevents an individual from creating multiple Notebooks, without compromising on their privacy.

Notebook's identification system is dissociated from user's wallet addresses, allowing the same identity to be used cross-chain.