We're Hiring!

If you or someone you know is interested, please reach out to Nathaniel Masfen-Yan at nat@notebooklabs.xyz or @nathanielmy (Telegram).

About Notebook Labs

Notebook Labs (YC S22) is building the private identity infrastructure layer for Web3. Notebook uses Zero-Knowledge proofs to let users prove KYC, social media and credit scoring information on and off chain in a private way. Notebook was founded by 3 Stanford math and CS majors who recently closed their seed round.

Zero-Knowledge Engineer

The role

Notebook Labs is hiring a zero-knowledge engineer to help power the private identity layer for Web3. We're looking to build a recursive SNARK aggregator that's compatible with the proof systems supported by circom. This project will be done in partnership with a few other teams building in the space. We are open to both contract work and full time and hybrid/in person.


Strong math background. Understanding of modern cryptography and important cryptographic primitives. Web3 experience preferred but not required. Open to both remote/in person work.

Full-Stack Developer

The role

Notebook Labs is hiring a full-stack developer to help power the private identity layer for Web3. The role will include writing Javascript and Typescript code for Notebook SDKs that will be used both on browser and server-side applications. This will include using common features of the Web3 development stack, including the Graph Protocol.


4+ years of experience with NodeJS, Typescript, and React. Experience developing on AWS. Ability to stay accountable in a fast-paced environment.

Additional bonuses

Knowledge of Solidity. Experience with penetration testing and frontend security given that you will be securing sensitive information. Experience working with small teams. Based in the Bay Area.